Those who love auto races in Australia will have an interesting summer as different automobile races are scheduled through the country. There was a recent event in Darwin that drew in auto race enthusiasts and professionals across the country to compete in this national level event. There were women participants as well, which showcased the increasing rate of participation of women in races of speed and risks.

Female dragsters also competete

he recent drag race that was held in Darwin saw Kelly Bettes and other women dragsters participate. Kelly Bettes is a star example of a woman dragster who has made news of being one of the fastest racers in this category. She is a prime example of how young women are trying their hands at such races as well. For those who missed out the drag racing hot rods events that were held in Darwin can catch the details of the races and interviews on a popular hot rod magazine that is published in the country.If you look at her profile, she is in her early thirties and has a graphic design job from which she took time off to prepare and compete in the national level drag racing event. If you look up interviews that she gave about her feelings on the race experience, she says it is all about preparing for the final moment when the light turns green and you release the hand-brake to speed off. She has also gained the reputation of being one of the fastest racers in this category, known to have accelerated up to 500 kilometers per hour speed in her last race that obtained her the license to drive a dragster of the Top Fuel category.

The thrill of speed

With drag races the fans experience the thrill of short bursts of speed and the exhilaration of seeing racers drive up their modified cars to amazing levels of speed within mere seconds. For racers who have made it in the drag racing events as licensed professionals it means dedicating a considerable portion of their life to improving their speed and working with the top modified cars in the country. Many women who participate in drag races often come from racing backgrounds and have developed the thrill of seeing auto races in the circuits from their early years. For those who have bought passes to the Darwin event that was held recently, kids of thirteen years and above could attend the events for free. It has certainly been a national level drag racing event of considerable popularity.